Hole-Drilled Round Bar


Environmentally friendly and durable hole-drilled round bar
Round bar processed product that utilizes Obisugi’s fundamental features, especially excellent drainage, toughness, flexibility, elasticity, and durability while also satisfying the 3Rs.
*3Rs: Recycle / Reuse / Renewal



  • Hole drilling can also be notched and bolted according to the order (design)
  • The chemical used is Tanalith® CY.
  • We can provide materials for wooden fences (including handrails) and log houses, with processing dimensions ranging from a minimum of 60φ to a maximum of 200φ and vertical hole processing (through hole) up to 2m.

About Injection Preservative Chemicals

Use of Tanalith® CY, the environmentally friendly injection preservative chemical

Tanalith® CY is an environmentally friendly, low-toxic pressure-injected timber preservative / termiticide. It is mainly composed of a copper compound, cyproconazole, which boasts high levels of safety. The color of Tanalith® CY treated wood is dark greenish blue or dark blue-brown and it is a good indicator to differentiate them from untreated wood. When treated wood is incinerated, no harmful metals will remain in the ash, thus the Tanalith® CY treated wood can be disposed of in the same way as normal wood.

Tanalith® CY can be used in a wide range of fields, such as housing materials, wooden poles, civil engineering materials, and exterior materials.